Chemicals For Skincare

Who will not wish for that beautiful, youthful skin? Women around the world desire for having skin that is spotless, soft and smooth. African women find it tough to take care of their skin in changing environmental conditions. Many beauty products are available for giving the skin that perfect look and feel. Petroleum Jelly and Glycerine are two cosmetic chemicals that are widely used by African women to keep their skin flawless.

Petroleum Jelly is very useful for dry, damaged skin of Africans. It allows the skin to hydrate. It also encourages healthy cellular development. It enables to soften dry and hard skin cells. Petroleum Jelly is also used on cuts, burns and wounds as it hastens healing. Most of the African women use Petroleum Jelly to moisturize their skin.

Glycerine on the other hand is a natural cleanser and is widely used in removing makeup. It is very useful in softening dry hair and managing curly, frizzy hair of people in Africa. Glycerine is gentle and does not cause irritation hence is commonly used in baby products.

Both these cosmetic chemicals when found in pure form are non-toxic in nature. Hence they are often directly used for good results. Gycerine and Petroleum Jelly supplier in Dubai export these chemicals in abundance to Africa.

Radiant Resources is one the prominent petroleum jelly supplier to Africa. We also deal in glycerine and other useful cosmetic chemicals. We have an array of customers in Africa who always have growing demand for all types of chemicals required in different industries.

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