Dry Skin Care – Why Very Few Formulas Provide What You Need

Although there may seem to be an endless supply of dry skin care formulas on the market right now, the truth is that very few of them are going to provide you with what it is you need. There aren’t a whole lot of quality formulas available in any category right now, as most cosmetics companies continue to push ineffective products on the public. The odds of you picking up a healthy, effective formula are pretty low.

It is not that there are not enough quality ingredients available, because nature has taken care of all of your needs as far as your skin is concerned. There are natural compounds out there that provide every answer, including how to dramatically increase your collagen and elastin production. Most cosmetics companies are not interested in using natural ingredients to develop their formulas however.

What these companies seek to do is keep their production costs as low as they possibly can. What this means is that instead of the wondrous array of natural oils, extracts, and waxes that a dry skin care formulas should have, yours is likely to contain a collection of synthetic compounds. Although mixing up chemicals saves the cosmetics companies a lot of money, the manmade ingredients in these formulas will not save your skin.

Synthetics offer virtually nothing beneficial to your skin, and the chemicals that make up these compounds and serve as antibacterial agents, firming compounds, and preservatives could actually be harmful to you. Most people would be surprised to learn that the compounds they have been absorbing into their skin daily are recognized as toxins and carcinogens, but that is honestly what most of these chemicals are.

The average dry skin care product does not even feature moisturizing compounds that are good for your skin. Petroleum based compounds like mineral oil, paraffin wax, and petrolatum are popular choices with cosmetic formula manufacturers, because these derivatives are available in abundance. The trouble with these compounds is that they do not penetrate effectively, and they interfere with sebum production which ultimately makes your skin drier.

Speaking of making the skin drier, there is more than likely at least one form of alcohol in the formulas you are using, and there may very well be more than one. Unless your formulas contain simple plant alcohols, which most formulas don’t, you can expect dry skin and irritation. Why a company would use compounds that tend to rob the skin of moisture in a formula that is supposed to provide it is beyond me.

A true dry skin care remedy will feature ingredients like Maracuja passion fruit extract and jojoba, which regulate the production of sebum to keep your skin in perfect balance. You will also find grape seed oil, avocado oil, and Babassu wax in these formulas, as they are excellent moisturizing compounds as well. Active Manuka honey has a simply amazing effect on the skin, and it encourages collagen growth.

Don’t buy just any dry skin care formula, because you want a product that contains ingredients that will make a positive difference in your skin.

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